Kevin Cox The Brooklyn Cowboy Of Racing

October 11, 2019

To those that don’t know Kevin Cox, if your at a horse racing track in the paddock chances are you have seen him before. Standing 6′ 4″ wearing a cowboy hat and known by many to be a great horse handicapper. Kevin Cox was previously featured on a docuseries on handicappers that was on Esquire Network aptly name Horseplayers.

Kevin Cox was one of the lead characters in the series that features him competing in handicapping contests for big prize money. Kevin Cox is a Brooklyn, NY native who is a former NYPD employee of 20 years. Kevin also spent time as a jockeys agent on the NY circuit although it is not known how long that was for. Kevin Cox has been an outspoken advocate for Aftercare of race horses along with racehorse welfare over the years. He’s not afraid to speak up when he sees a racehorse that has been over raced throughout a career that should in all due respect be retired instead of being over raced. I personally commend his actions in regards to advocating for such. Horses and animals in general as you know have no voice, we need to do better and Kevin Cox is one of those people that assists in giving the equine athlete a voice.

Kevin Cox is also widely followed on a website called Saratoga Bets, where he breaks down the races with great commentary while also installing his own personalize take. Sometimes even educational as he will defer to Wikipedia or a historical factoid in regards to a race or a horse. The website is an extension of the Saratoga Hotel Casino which is actually the 3rd oldest harness track in the country dating back to 1941.

In 2004 the property became known as Racino, complete with a Vegas style buffet and the Vapor nightclub. Maybe if your lucky enough you might bump into the Brooklyn Cowboy at this location. It’s clear that Kevin Cox has cemented himself in the racing industry as a handicapper and also as a voice for Aftercare. You will also find Kevin Cox still playing in several horse tournaments both online and live. The yearly NHC tournament finds Kevin Cox as a fixture as he qualifies regularly every year for the tourney. It’s safe to say that the Brooklyn Cowboy is a permanent fixture in racing as well.

@pastthewire As always brilliantly written and perfectly toned observations written by @jonathanstettin everyone in the industry needs to read this and view it as a call to action.

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