Jeffers Equine: Biggest Pet Supply Store In The Country

September 22, 2019

Founded by Dr. Keith Jeffers in 1975, Jeffers Equine is one of the biggest pet supplies store in the country. You will find it surprising to know that this store was founded in Jeffer’s ranch basement. Before venturing into this, Jeffers was working as an advisor for some of the local farmers in his neighborhood. In that period of time, Jeffers realized that most of these livestock owners need a reliable store where they could get all their supplies at an affordable price. This motivated him to launch this brand.

When he launched this business, Jeffers had to move from door-to-door to get customers. With a large number of customers to cater to, Jeffers, his wife, and two daughters had to work together to deliver supplies to their customers. Since then, Jeffers Equine currently has three catalogs that distribute supplies to his customers each change of season. Specifically, the catalogs are for equine supplies, livestock supplies, and pet supplies.

While this business has been in existence since 1975, it was not until 1999 that Jeffers Equine created a website to reach a larger audience. In addition to getting new customers, Jeffers became more popular to those that were already receiving supplies in his catalog. Since the launch of the site back in 1999, it has been improved in so many ways to ensure that more people are reached and that it is easy to make use of. One area that has been improved drastically is the “customer feedback” section which has played a crucial role in reaching more customers. The launch of the site has made Jeffers operate an e-commerce unit which covers each of the existing catalogs. In addition to this, there’s a Facebook page for each of these catalogs as well as helpful articles on the internet. 

With an increasing number of customers, Jeffers Equine now has a warehouse which stores all supplies to be delivered to those who have placed orders. All orders within the United States arrive within a week. Currently, Jeffers is looking for ways to ensure that the delivery time is reduced for customers in the United States.

What Jeffers Equine Offers

This leading livestock and equine supplies brand has been created specifically to offer all livestock owners affordable supplies for their various livestock. As mentioned earlier, this brand was created out of the need to provide these owners with a reliable platform where they can get their hand on cheap and quality supplies for their pets, equines, and livestock. Some of the animals Jeffers Equine provide supplies for include; goat, dogs, horses, cattle, swine, poultry, cat, and other farm animals.

In addition to providing these owners with feeding supplies, this leading brand also offers livestock, pet, and equine owners medications and vaccines to keep their animals in perfect health condition. Irrespective of the animal you own, you will find it interesting to know that Jeffers Equine has supplies for them. You can choose from a wide range of products to get for your animals. As mentioned earlier, Jeffers Equine is affordable and reliable.

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