If You Were A Horse How old Would You be in Human Years

October 15, 2019

Horse years to human years, mostly everyone knows what dog and cat years are to human years for the most part but how about an equine? Being an avid horse enthusiast I often wondered how many people would actually know. Turns out that unless your really into horses, one would have no clue about what the age differential is. I see this question though a lot in many equestrian forums.

To give up the answer so rapidly is 1 horse year to 6.5 human years. Seems straight forward right? Not so! That’s only for the first three years of a horses life. After a horse turns 3 years old that number moves to 5 humans. In horse years to human years when they turn age 4 this number dwindles even further as the equivalency changes to 2.5 years.

If your equine friend ended up living a whopping 36 years then your horse in human years would equate to 100.5 years. There are a lot of things that play a role in a horses longevity. Exercise, medical history, genetics and of course diet and nutrition. So there you have it the answer to the question! Turns out that even people that are around horses animals on a daily basis even debate these numbers. The fact is horses age faster than humans do in the early stages of life but then age slower as they get older. That is surely a concept all mankind would definitely welcome with warm embrace as nobody wants to grow old.

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