How to take advantage of major horse racing events

August 15, 2022

As time passes by, horse racing is becoming more mainstream and gaining popularity. What started for fun and had a cult following now competes with other major sporting events.

One good part about it is that there are multiple events all around the year. This gives an opportunity to small investors to partake in the races. However, horse racing is expensive. You need to have a heavy purse apart from passion.

There’s a wild swing in the prices of a racing horse depending on the breed. The cost of thoroughbreds ranges from a few thousand to millions of dollars.

Preparing and maintaining a horse for racing events also costs a lot, excluding the expenses of a jockey and trainer.

Therefore, the winning prizes in major events are in the millions. It makes the sport lucrative and appeals to people from various backgrounds. Besides, horse racing wagering is directly related to the races. The major events like Kentucky Derby, World Cup, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes attract millions in bets.

But is there any way of improving the chances of winning a bet? How to pick a winner from many horses? This can be challenging. We have prepared a list of tips to help you win more than expected.

Before we explore winning strategies, the following are major horse racing events that take place throughout the year.

Major horse racing events

Kentucky Derby

One of the oldest horse racing events started in 1875. It is also the race from the prestigious Triple Crown. The Kentucky Derby has a massive fan following and has a significant impact on the industry. The winning purse accumulates to $3 million, from which the winner receives $1.86 million along with a shining trophy and a garland of roses.

The race takes place on the first Sunday of May in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Churchill Downs Racetrack. Top of all, it is the most popular race in the U.S. The primary reason is the level of excitement and thrills the race provides. Many refer to it as the greatest two minutes in sports.

This year’s event was no different. It was the 148th event, and something remarkable happened. Some are referring to it as one of the biggest upsets in Kentucky Derby’s history. Eric Reed’s Rich Strike pulled off unexpectedly and won the race. The odds were 80-1 when the race started. It shows how important it is to learn about winning strategies because the favorite does not always win.

Royal Ascot

Traditions and culture in a sporting event are rare to find. The Royal Ascot has been taking place since 1711, making it a significant part of the U.K culture. It is treated as a festival that also honors the Royal Family. There’s a separate national institution that organizes the race and all the festivities, including fine dining at the event.

Horses from around the world take part in the race. The event takes place from 14th to 18th June at the Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire.

Apart from historical heritage, the winning purse is one of the biggest. This year the prize money was over $10 million.

There are a plethora of races over the week, including jumps and flat races. However, the winner of the Gold Cup receives the largest chunk of the prize. Kyprios stole the Gold Cup in this year’s Royal Ascot.

Dubai World Cup

Like many other sporting events, horse racing has found a new home. The Dubai World Cup was inaugurated in 1996 as a part of a fast-growing economy. The event takes place from January to March.

The $35 million prize purse makes this event stand out. The race is renowned for being the richest in the world. One of the most iconic races in the world takes place in Dubai.

During this time, many race events continue to take place. March is the month of the finals. Horse race fans and bettors will have three months of action. Watching horse races while enjoying the spoils of Dubai is an incredible opportunity for travelers who love the sport.

Country Grammer won the final event of the Dubai World Cup 2022. The Jockey, F. Dettori was exceptional while riding the Grammer and rode him to victory. The ultimate winner received $12 million.

How to improve your chances of winning at horse racing

Horse racing is an expensive sport that not everyone can afford, despite how much they love it. Winners receive millions of dollars and owners make a fortune out of it. You can also fancy your chances of winning good money by wagering.

There are a few winning strategies that can increase your chances of winning. Check the following tips.

Betting tools

It’s crucial to know how to use different betting tools. These tools include an odds calculator, odds finder, trackers, etc. Using such tools can help you make informed decisions.

When you’re aware of the most valued bets and the approaches of other bettors, this gives you a fair chance of winning.

Types of bets

Never follow the herd of sheep. Instead, explore different bets. In horse racing, there’s no universal rule. Everyone approaches differently, so you need to understand what works for you.

Gather information on multi-race bets, exotics, or standard bets, and compare them. Analyze the odds, payouts, and risks attached to each type. Also, learn more about horse racing carryovers. This happens when your pick does not win.


Like any other business activity, you need to do research. You would not want to waste your hard-earned money by randomly placing a bet. Do some homework and study the horse you’re going to pick. Read on its past performances and take updates on injuries and training. Apart from the horse, researching its jockey and trainer is also essential.

Shop around

You can win a lot of money depending on your horse’s odds. You can get the best odds in a few different ways. To begin with, you can check out a variety of online and offline sportsbooks. By comparing the odds, you’ll be able to determine the best ones to bet on.

Right races

Be smart in choosing the right race. The bigger races may be tempting, but the chances of you winning are marginalized because of the number of horses. Look for smaller races that do not have many horses.

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