How to Become a Casino Dealer in Canada?

December 12, 2022

Casino dealers in Canada supervise the games at this institution by delivering cards or gaming equipment, coaching mobile slots participants, and paying out wins at the end of each round. Dealers play an important role in a financial performance and casino-patron client interaction and are an important element of the security network. Canadian real money casinos explain some of the security of your gambling which is critical to any wagering experience.

If you like practicing card games and interacting with others, becoming a dealer might be the ideal profession for you. This post will look at what a dealer in Canada does, how to get launched in the sector, and the compensation and career prospects for this position.

What Exactly Is a Casino Dealer?

Dealers oversee the games that customers play at gambling businesses. They handle the cards used in the games, receive bets from participants, and watch suspicious activity to avoid cheating. The dealer handles the wagering pot during the free slot games and distributes wins after each hand. Dealers in Canada assist guests and pay out prizes on games that do not require a dealer, such as online slots. Dealers supervise gamblers to ensure no fraud or stealing happens and function as tip-offs to security.

The key roles of dealers are as follows:

  • Educating new players on the rules of each game.
  • Dealing cards, dropping the roulette ball and distributing dice to players.
  • Collecting bets from participants and distributing winnings.
  • Preventing the wagering pot from being stolen.
  • Assisting with machine problems.
  • Ensuring laws and regulations are followed.
  • Communicating with security personnel about issues and suspicious activity.
  • Communicating with participants to foster a pleasant environment.

There are, of course, other responsibilities that may be assigned to dealers depending on the needs of the casino. For example, some dealers may be responsible for handling money and chips, while others may be assigned to specific games.

Different Types of Dealers

Each table in the gambling pit is managed by a dealer. There would be no poker, roulette, craps, or blackjack to play if they did not exist.

However, various sorts of dealers have distinct obligations. And the sort of dealer you become is determined by the game you manage. Here are a couple of such examples:

  • Croupier: The dealer who operates the roulette table. The croupier is in charge of spinning the wheel, dropping the ball (in the reverse direction), and issuing various coloured chips to each player. The croupier also proclaims the outcome, collects losing wagers, and distributes winnings to players.
  • Dealer in card games: Working a card table in a no deposit bonus casino entails maintaining the action flowing in games such as poker, baccarat, and 21, sometimes known as blackjack. It is the dealer’s responsibility to mix and deal with the cards. Making certain that the correct amount is dispensed and that they are presented face up or down in accordance with the unique game regulations.
  • Craps dealer: Craps tables are unusual because this dice game can solely be found at the dollar deposit casinos. The craps dealer’s function is to collect wagers and give out winnings to players, even if they play with no deposit bonus. In addition, each dealer will be in charge of half of the table.
  • Live dealers: A land-based gambling establishment does not use live dealers. They are instead hired by the best online casino sites and work in a studio in front of a webcam that broadcasts over the Internet. As a result, live dealers have no physical touch with players at any best payout online casino.

All these dealers help create that gambling atmosphere that is so often seen at real money gambling establishments.

How to Become a Casino Dealer

If you are willing to become a dealer, there are some fundamental stages that you should go through:

  • Finish a training program.
  • Obtain your state and municipal licenses.
  • Get a job at the best online casino.
  • Begin working as a casino dealer.

Finish a Training Program

Before becoming a dealer, you must finish a casino dealing training course in which you will learn about local and state wagering regulations and laws, the rules, equipment, and protocols of each game, and the required processes and procedures for operating as a dealer. Based on the number of activities taught and the complexity of the program, training sessions might span anywhere between four weeks to a few months.

Some best online casinos provide training courses immediately within their premises and hire successful students when they complete the course. This configuration is most typically found in newly opened or growing gambling establishments. Prospective dealers should also have strong arithmetic abilities, good hand-eye coordination, a cheerful attitude, and excellent interpersonal skills.

Obtain Your State and Municipal Licenses

The requirements for a betting license vary by state, so check the most recent rules for your jurisdiction before applying for positions. Before acceptance, most states require candidates to present the following items: background inquiry, licensing fee and identification proof.

Get a Job at the Best Online Casino

After finishing a training program and receiving a gaming license, obtaining a job is your next objective. Managers interview candidates as part of the career application procedure to see whether their character fits the position. Applicants are also interviewed by casino management in order to exhibit their dealer abilities. Many gambling schools provide job placement services or have professors with industry contacts that may assist students in finding suitable careers. Casino executives may meet and audition students at the school’s virtual or real casino facilities.

To be hired, dealers must have:

  • A high school graduation or GED;
  • No past felonies or theft-related minor convictions;
  • Passed a drug test;
  • Reached the age of 18 or 21 in some states.

Managers are searching for someone who can handle the demands of operating the games while also providing excellent customer service. Being a dealer at Canada necessitates dealing with a diverse range of customers, including novice and experienced gamblers.

Despite the high-stress setting, dealers must remain extroverted and calm in the event that a gambler turns hostile. Casino dealers must also do rapid mental calculations and have great arithmetic abilities and analytical thinking to accurately calculate and payout profits at no deposit bonus casinos.

Begin Working as a Casino Dealer

When you start working at your selected gambling establishment, you will receive on-the-job training on the casino’s policies and procedures. As with other positions, training will be ongoing as new rules and procedures are implemented. Casino management will also put new dealers through their paces to verify they can manage the rigours of the job and give the level of service needed. For example, Internet Slots X offers a wide range of live dealer games of top-notch quality, tempting cash rewards, and programming from the best engineers.

Salary and Job Prospects

Casino dealers earn an average of $12.44 per hour and may earn up to $28.53 per hour. The dealers’ pay rate is affected by the casino’s location, size, and reputation. Dealers may also generate an average of $200 in tips hourly, and the tipping rate is affected by the dealer’s exchanges with game participants as well as the views of the game players.

Because most states have operating casinos, employment availability is higher than in most other professions. The job future for dealers is bright, with a projected average 2 to 10% increase in the coming years. Becoming a dealer is an appealing career option because of the low educational requirements, decent salary, enjoyable environment, and transferrable vocational training.

Benefits of Working as a Dealer

Of course, the perks of becoming a dealer, as well as the security, are appealing. You may be confident that your position will not be eliminated because it is on a rolling rota with consistent shifts. Real money gambling on land is one of Canada’s most successful cash sources, and job possibilities are expected to grow in the future years. Plus, while a casino worker’s income may not appear much on paper, your take-home money looks much better when you include hourly tips.

Here are some additional benefits of working as a casino dealer in Canada:

  • Adjustable. Forget the 9 to 5! Working at a gambling establishment allows you unrivalled flexibility and independence when it comes to your shift routine.
  • Excellent advice. Dealers can earn up to 30% more in player tips when on the clock. Offering that annual income a significant boost.
  • Food for free. Most gambling resorts feature excellent restaurants where players may dine in between wagers. Another on-the-job casino bonus for dealers is the opportunity to eat for free, which means you’ll never go famished at work again.
  • Paid time off. Employees, especially dealers, may look forward to a wonderful work-based package that includes medical and paid time off.

These are just a few amazing advantages dealers in Canada can look forward to, and each position is unique. So the advantages listed here are only the beginning. You also get to meet and socialize with diverse individuals, from clients to your extended casino family.

Job Applications and Interviews

The most important thing to do is to submit an application. Jobs are published on the internet in job search engines, but you may also visit a casino personally and inquire about dealer openings. Remember to submit the following items while applying for a job:

EducationEven if you have no qualifications beyond high school, you can still register and be selected for a dealer position. The most significant subject in becoming a dealer is maths, trailed by English. So be sure you emphasize them, or any other relevant qualifications, in your application.
ExperienceDealers do more than shuffle the cards. Their responsibilities include client support and hospitality, as well as transaction processing. Any skills you can exhibit in these areas will boost your application, so add that if you have applicable gambling experience.
AddressIncluding your location is a formal element of every job application, although, as previously said, casinos (particularly resorts) like their staff to have strong local area knowledge. Another significant plus for your application is being able to establish that you’re acquainted with the area.
InterestsCasino pit bosses regard having the correct personality for the task almost as much as expertise or talent. Dealers have frequent interaction with casino patrons and serve as the casino’s public face. Particularly if such hobbies include gambling and/or participation in player competitions.


Casino gambling dealers are multitasking experts who can focus and operate amid the rustling, buzzing, and quick movement that is typical of a casino. Dealers have an interesting career that allows them to connect with their clients throughout their play by clarifying regulations, placing wagers, free spins, and handing out cards and wins.

Dealers understand state gambling restrictions and use their arithmetic abilities to rapidly reward their clients; they facilitate activities such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. If you are asked to an interview, make sure you have honed your counting and dealing abilities. You will most likely be given an on-the-spot math exam and a live audition. So be equipped to wow your path to a job opportunity by demonstrating your abilities.

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