How Online Racebooks Are Revolutionizing Horse Racing

February 16, 2024

Billions of people globally enjoy watching and betting on horse races. And if you are in this category, you should know that you can now wager on your favorite racing events online. That means you no longer have to visit shoddy bookies and risk your reputation—something that most punters dreaded in the past.

Things have changed today, and if you want to enjoy these perks, you must find the best racebook to bet with. Your chosen bookie should support online betting and have all the right qualities, like using top-notch security protocols.

It should also guarantee your safety and privacy by allowing you to use popular payment methods like bank transfers and e-wallets for transactions. Once you’ve found an ideal racebook, dive in and manage your gambling bankroll wisely.

Before going any further, let’s explore how online racebooks are revolutionizing horse racing and betting.  

·     Global Reach

In the past, punters had to use real-world racebooks to wager on their favorite races. But real-life racebooks had one significant problem: they operated from brick-and-mortar establishments confined to specific places. Anyone who wanted to use their services had to visit these locations, which was incredibly inconvenient, especially for those who had to travel long distances.  

Luckily, online racebooks are changing the game. These platforms, which are based on the internet, enable providers to take wagers from people scattered all over the globe. The same aspects make it possible for people from different parts of the world to interact with fellow bettors and form interactive communities with like-minded individuals.

·     Accessibility and Convenience

Presently, over 85% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. Moreover, billions of people have personal computers. With that in mind, racebooks allow gamblers to wager on their favorite horse racing events using PCs and smartphones. You can use either of these gadgets to bet on horse races anytime.

As a horse racer with a computer, you can bet on a horse race from the comfort of your home without visiting a bookie. And whenever you’re traveling, your smartphone can come in handy in helping you bet on the go. Moreover, you can place your wagers at any time of the day since online racebooks run 24/7.

·     Advanced Wagering Options

Most traditional horse race bookies had win, place, and show bets. Anyone who wanted to wager on a winning pony had to place a win bet. These entities also allowed bettors to wager on horses likely to come first or second (place bet) or first, second, or third (show bet). As a punter in the olden days, your options were limited to these gambling categories.

However, online racebooks have made a massive impact on horse racing betting. Besides traditional wagers, you can now indulge in many other options. These include exacta, where you pick horses likely to finish first and second in exact order.

·     Race Variety

While interacting with traditional racebooks, as a punter, you were limited to the races common in your area. For instance, if you were a UK resident, your betting options might have been limited to thoroughbred racing since other horse races were uncommon in this region.

But thanks to online racebooks, you can now bet on different types of horse races from other corners of the globe. Suppose you are from Ireland, where steeplechase is predominant. In that case, you can visit an online bookie and bet on horse racing categories besides the ones mentioned, like harness racing, which is common in North America, and Arabian Horse Racing, a staple sport in the Middle East.

·     Live Steaming

If you are a fan of watching horse races while betting simultaneously, several things likely interfered with your interests in the past. For starters, geographical constraints and life commitments may have prevented you from attending a live racing event and having the time of your life.

Luckily, that’s not a problem anymore. Today, whenever you don’t have time to attend a horse racing event in person, you can visit an online racebook that supports live streaming and watch your favorite races in real time while on lunch break, traveling, at home, etc. Remember, while streaming horse races live, you can place wagers as the events unfold, otherwise known as live betting. 

·     Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions were uncommon in most traditional horse race booking establishments. Only a few bookies offered incentives like food and beverages on special occasions or to punters who place significantly larger bets. The situation is very different today.

In this digital era, many online racebooks use bonuses to attract more punters and outshine the competition. Common incentives range from sign-up and referral rewards to matched deposit and reload bonuses. You can get all these and more once you join and use online racebooks for all your horse race betting needs.

·     Integration with Technology

Technology is rapidly changing horse racing thanks in big part to online racebooks. Let’s begin with artificial intelligence (AI). As an online bettor, you can use AI tools to process vast data volumes, like different horse performance stats and jockey records, and make better, data-driven predictions.

Besides AI, automated betting is another technology online racebooks offer. Suppose you live a busy lifestyle and barely have enough time to spare for betting on horse racing. All you have to do is find a good bookie and use the right automation software to automate betting. This will help you place and track bets without spending countless hours glued to your mobile phone or computer screen.

Final Thoughts

Online racebooks have changed horse racing for the better. For instance, today, the sport now enjoys a wider audience and millions of additional fans. Online racebooks also enable punters from all over the world to bet on diverse horse races, stream events live, enjoy juicy bonuses, and leverage technologies like automated betting.

But beware. There are many scammy online racebooks today. To avoid issues like loss of funds and data theft, prioritize interacting with betting platforms that boast an excellent online reputation and are backed by a trustworthy company. Good luck!

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