Horseracing May Be The Only Game in Town, Equibase Has Your Free Picks

June 20, 2020

Due to the current climate in the world with Covid-19 there are a limited number of sports for many gamblers to participate in, especially within the United States. The horseracing industry as well as Equibase is hopeful that during this time it can attract new players to the sport by offering free products that they previously charged for due to having limited sports to watch.

Right now it is the only outlet you can turn to if you’re looking for some betting action. If you are looking to participate and get in on the fun Equibase recently announced that it is offering free race selections on races throughout the nation. Equibase offers a plethora of products to choose from on their website that include stats, video replays and handicapping tools.

Equibase provides data not only for horseplayers but for people that work within the industry. In terms of horse players the data you can access literally is from the most simple form to the complex. For newbies that do not completely know how to bet or what to bet on some of the products that are offered for free can help you gain some confidence. Take a look at Equibase turf club analysts and Stats True Odds completely free for a limited time.

The turf club analysts at Equibase gives you the top selections for each race along with a description of each selection that can help you become more familiar with the game of horse betting. Stats True Odds offers a different approach as it is a visual hands on type of a program that allows the user to hypothetically show you how the race may unfold and who should be the top contenders towards the finish of the race. By no means is it gospel but it will use data that blends speed, pace and potential track biases to formulate how the field shapes up.

To get into the action right away just click hereand in the shopping cart add the track that you want to play and register for your own Equibase account. This literally takes little to no effort and before you know it you will have free horseracing picks at your fingertips.

For the more experienced players and for those that eventually get enough experience under their belt Equibase has a host of other products you can choose from. Stats Race Lens offers a tutorial for you to look at that shows you how the product is used. Experience players can access all types of data files for handicapping software as well. There are also a wide range of expert picks to choose from if you so decide.

Equibase offers programs like E Graphs, MPH Pro, Thoro-Quick, flashnet for thoroughbreds as well as harness racing and clocker reports by Bruno With The Works. For more information on Equibase check out this article here.

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