Horse Racing as a Therapy for Mental Health

August 29, 2022

Reduces the pressure to succeed

The desire to get good grades in research papers is one of the main reasons for increased mental stress among college students. When you overthink about choosing the right career path, you start blaming yourself and get frustrated. All these negative emotions increase the levels of stress in you. The therapist suggests that horse racing can be a good way to heal from psychological issues. Spending time outdoors, learning a new skill, or racing a horse makes you feel good about everything. 

You tend to notice an improvement in writing essays as you experience a noticeable increase in memory and focus. Writing a research paper is tedious if you have a mental illness. You get tired after doing the research work and have no energy to complete the essay. You should not overexert and delegate the work to professionals. Many top professional writers available for academic work write essays for money and are always ready. With the contribution of EduBirdie writers, getting good grading college papers is possible. 

Brings positive change in your life

College life is a period when you have a lot of energy and zeal to achieve targets. At this time, you struggle and work hard to excel in academics. To make your dreams a reality, you avoid socializing and have no time for relationships. This makes you feel lonely and sad. You easily get depressed and lose hope in your life.

As per therapists, horse racing positively affects the student’s minds. It reduces stress and symptoms of anxiety among students. When you are made for riding a horse, it directly influences your thoughts and behavior patterns. Horse racing makes you bold as you learn to fight your fears.

Recover from trauma 

With tremendous benefits that horse racing offers, like cardio, increase in muscle tone, and increase in endurance and stamina. Horse racing is not merely an exercise that you can perform daily. With this sport, you feel free and relaxed as you develop a bond with a horse. Interaction with a horse helps you overcome physical or mental challenges that will help you live a more fulfilling and satisfactory life.

It is an activity guided by trained professionals that can make you feel exhilarated and brings relief from all types of stress and painful symptoms. Horse racing can liberate you from all the stress caused by the constant worry of career choice. This therapy teaches you to stay focused and present at that moment. While working with a horse, you find yourself distracted from constant worries of the past and fear of the future. 

Effective treatment to eliminate addiction

To combat increased stress, feeling of anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, students, make wrong decisions and get exposed to unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol and drugs. They build reliance on the consumption of harmful substances to ease the stress that later has adverse effects on their health. Horse racing therapy has a unique approach that treats addiction problems to a great extent. 

Coming in contact with a horse helps students to live a sober life. When they work hard with the horse, which affects their mental health positively, they experience a sense of safety and learn to trust and communicate, which brings peace to their lives. 

Unique treatment for ADHD

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is commonly found in teenagers and younger people in college. Students with this disorder usually face less academic success and experience difficulty adjusting emotionally and psychologically in college. 

Horse racing as a therapy effectively treats patients with this type of disorder as it brings fun, full of life and hands-on experience. While racing on a horse, the students learn to relax and calm their minds. By feeling the motions of a horse, they learn to feel the presence of being in the present and pay attention to the natural rhythm of a horse. All this leads to building social cues in ADHD patients, and they gain a sudden increase in self-esteem and self-respect. 


Mental health issues are on the rise, and many people are seen becoming a victim of it. College life is a very sensitive phase, so you should carefully pass this phase without overlooking any feelings that affect your mental health. You can try horse racing to resolve mental health concerns and reduce stress and anxiety levels. It helps to build a healthy connection with a horse, who shall understand your emotions and regulate behavior patterns in such a way that will leave you feeling amazed and relaxed during your college years. 

Photo: Mathew Schwartz, Upsplash

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