Horse Race Card Game: Rules and How to Play

November 15, 2023

If you love watching horse race events, then chances are you also love to gamble. After all these events helped the gambling industry become a giant it is today. Many fans who bet online gradually expand their preferences and give casino games a shot. They play on Casino Kingdom and other reputable sites that have received high praise from reviewers and the online gambling community. However, whenever you gamble, you inevitably start to think about these businesses or bookies and even wonder what it would be like if you were hosting gambling events.   

Believe it or not, there is a card game that is perfect for you, especially if you love horse racing and betting and if you daydream about being a bookie. It’s called a horse racing card game, and we are about to go over it in detail. So, let’s learn about horse racing, how to play it and explain why this might be your next favourite party game.

Horse Race Card Game Rules

All you need is a single deck of cards and casino chips (you can make them yourself using paper). Remove jokers from the deck, set all 4 aces aside, and follow these instructions:

  1. Place the 4 ace cards vertically in a line
    1. Each ace represents a horse
  2. Shuffle the remaining deck and reveal the top 7 cards
  3. Place those 7 cards in a horizontal line to form a row above the 4 aces. You want to create 7 vertical rows for the aces below.
    1. These cards should serve as a depiction of a racetrack. Whenever an ace (horse moves), they occupy space directly below the place card in the upper row. In other words, a horse needs to move 7 times to reach the finish line.
  4. The top 7 cards are used to determine the odds for each horse, and we will get over those specifics later.
  5. Evenly distribute chips so that players can place their bets.
  6. Players can then place their bets on the horse they want or even on more horses.
  7. Reveal the top card of the deck, and see which one of the aces matches its suit.
  8. The ace with the matching suit moves one space on the track, and then you draw another card.
  9. You keep drawing the cards and moving aces forward until one of the aces reaches the end of the race track or moves forward 7 times.

Since you only use chips to participate, there isn’t a limit to how many players can play the horse race game. If more friends want to join in, just make more chips, and you’ll be good to go.

Generating the Odds

Now you know the basics of how to play horse race card game. But we should talk about generating the odd. The cards you used to form the race track are no longer in the deck. So if, for example, 4 out of those 7 cards were clubs suit, the ace of clubs automatically has a lower chance of victory. The odds need to reflect this, and the payout for Ace of Clubs needs to be higher.

You should use statistics and math if you want to get accurate odds, but you can also eyeball the odds. For example, the base payout can be 2/1, and then for each suit that appeared in the initial draw, increase that number by 1.

Alternatively, you can get creative and make your own odds formula that takes into account your cut as a bookie. This is a great practice if you wish to run the gambling business yourself one day. Of course, creating odds for real horse races is a lot more complex and requires a whole algorithm, but this is still a fun experience.

Reasons to Play Horse Racing Card Game

There are several reasons why you should play this game at any party or casual get-together.

First off, the game is really fun and easy, so the time for set-up is minimal. Second, everyone can be included. As mentioned, there isn’t a limit to the number of participants or bettors. 

The third reason is that almost everyone loves horse racing. There were studies on casino games and gambling activities preferred by females and males. It turns out both genders enjoy betting on horse racing. Finally, the game is purely luck, so nobody has the upper hand, it’s completely fair, and there will be lots of funny twists.


There you have it, an easy-to-explain and play party game that you can use to entertain your guests. It is even better if you are all fans of horse racing and card games since it merges these two worlds. Hopefully, you will like it and have loads of fun with it.

One of the best articles on the state of emergency of our industry. Hits the nail on the head. If we want to save racing we must band together and actively work to save it. If we want the industry to die...we can continue with what we're doing.

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