Horse Betting Tips to Get You Started

September 18, 2020

Horse racing is a popular sport which unless you do your homework, can be difficult to predict. There is a lot of betting that is done in this game. In America, it is the 3rd most popular sport that bets are placed on. People bet on horse racing for many reasons. Some, because they love sports and others because they are interested in the cash prizes. Some would love to place bets but are not sure of winning.

If you are pessimistic, you can start with a little amount of money that won’t hurt you at all. As a bonus, you get to watch the game with your heart pumping in the hope that your horse wins. Horse racing in itself is already thrilling, but it becomes a game with much more excitement with betting. You have to try horse racing betting for yourself to know the excitement that comes with it.

While horse racing betting could pay big, only a few people have made big wins from it. But many tips can help you pick the right horse and win big from your wager. Here are some that will be useful to you as a beginner.

Free Trials

Start by signing up for free trials. If you are new to horse racing betting, you might want to start by signing up for free trials. This gives you a feel of what horse racing betting is about without having to lose while at it. That way, you become a pro fast, and you learn the ropes. Signing up for a free trial varies, and it depends on what your bookmaker is offering. Some bookmakers offer as low as £5 for £40 credits, and most free trials only last for 7 days.

Search For the Best Betting Odds

Be sure about betting odds before placing a bet. You need to get the best betting odds to get big winnings. The higher the betting odds, the bigger the winnings gotten from it. This is where research comes in. Check online, look for horse racing news sites and racebooks. Check for details about the race and the betting odds of each horse in the race before placing bets on a particular horse.

Pick a tipster

After making your research on the horse racing event, don’t assume that you are now good to go. A Tipster is a person that predicts the outcome of an event based on the knowledge he has of that event and the winnings that he has been able to get. A tipster may be able to guide you and provide information that will make you place better bets.

Try out Multiple Horse Bets or Match-up betting.

You must have heard the phrase, “do not put your eggs in one basket” If you really want to win something against all odds, do not put your money on only one horse. Spread it across different likely winning horses. This is called Multiple Horse Bets. You can do this by either choosing the two horses that will come first and second or predicting exactly which horse will come first and which horse will come second. In Match-Up, the bookmaker picks a couple of horses, and you predict which one will finish the race before the other. Here you don’t bother with who will win the overall race.

Work with a budget

If you ever decide to place bets at all, you should work with a budget. First, set aside cash for every other thing you need to pay for. Then, you can gather some stipends to use for betting. You don’t want to turn into an addicted gambler fast. So, it’s better that you plan your spending wisely before placing a wager on any horse in any race. If possible, your wager should be only a small percentage of your earnings. By a small percentage, we mean about 1 to 3 percent of your earnings.


Horse racing betting has many betting options. This is the reason it is one of the best sports to bet on. But even with tips, one might still likely not win a huge sum in a long time. Thus, it is better for a punter if betting remains a hobby that does not kill your finances.

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