Equidaily Website Review

October 11, 2019

I am guilty of one thing being a constant surfer on the internet when I am bored. Usually I get completely engrossed with all types of racing or horse websites. I came across Equidaily. Also called the Equidaily Journal lower down on the site. I notice a lot of industry links to various websites. So would I call Equidaily a directory of sorts? Not so fast!

They have some pertinent information to share with someone seeking anything horse racing related. Sections such as General, Europe, Track Sites, Horse Racing Media, and my favorite the weather. The weather shows you track weather for any location. This is a good spot to check if your not sure about the upcoming weather and your handicapping in advance, if it’s going to rain and your seeking mudders well you could of found out by checking Equidaily. I did reach out to Equidaily a few times back when our site here was just starting to get a little attention and hoped to be linked in their Horse Racing Media section but I had no luck. Equidaily seems like a mecca of various links and directories from multiple sites. It’s a neat racing artifact that seems to be operating on an old web platform. If your looking for no frills information Equidaily Journal is the place to go. Don’t forget to check the weather! You could literally spend hours on this site clicking link after link. Bringing you from one site to the next.

I really like the international section where it takes you to other sites that have information about racing overseas. It can be hard sometimes to find that information on Google. If I had one critique is that if you have a site such as this you have to maintain all of the links on there to make sure they are always working properly.

Have to give out Props to @jonathanstettin for yesterday winners sure did help me have a big day 👌🏻$

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