Could Gambling Reform Pose a Threat to Horse Racing?

March 21, 2024

If you are a big fan of gambling games and sports betting, then you have probably heard about the White Paper on gambling reform. Without any doubt, certain things have already and will change regarding gambling sites in Canada. Yet, something that most people wonder is whether these gambling reforms will threaten horse racing in any way.

Such a doubt does not surprise us at all. On the contrary, horse race betting has been popular in Canada for a very long time. Even today, there are a lot of people who want to test their luck through this entertaining activity. However, the changes regarding Canadian online gambling casinos will certainly make an impact on horse racing. So, let’s get started with explanations.

Online Betting on Horse Racing Will Become More Regulated

It is not a secret that Canadian gambling sites have been illegal in most provinces of the country for a very long time. However, with the new reforms, the gambling scene has become more regulated. Finding the best online gambling sites in Canada is now much easier. All you have to do is check the validity of the license they possess. If you see the license isn’t valid or simply does not exist, that means you can easily become a victim of a scam. The good news is that there are a variety of gambling sites that are completely legit, so you will certainly find something that suits you.

The reason for a more regulated market is actually the reforms we discussed. These reforms have been made to ensure the highest level of safety among players. They also want to ensure that every operator working in Canada supports responsible gambling. Logically, the safest gambling surroundings changed the expectations and requirements that people have for betting on horse races. They want to be sure that they won’t be tricked in any way. That is the reason why they want to be sure that all information directly or indirectly connected with horse race betting is transparent. We completely support such an approach since every individual deserves a fair chance of winning.

Horse Racing Will Remain Equally Popular

Another thing we want to highlight is that the popularity of horse racing is not going to reduce. On the contrary, it will either remain the same or grow in the future.

There are several different reasons why we have such a claim. Indeed, online gambling is on the rise in all parts of Canada. Best Canadian gambling sites really have something to offer. However, there are two types of entertainment, and they are not competitive with each other. Horse racing has been popular in Canada for a very, very long time. It has a strong tradition which is why its popularity is still at the highest level among older generations. Yet, the tradition does not end that quickly since there are also youngsters wanting to test their luck this way. There is a big chance that Canadians enjoying online gambling and betting will enjoy both activities at the same time. In other words, we believe that the newest gambling reforms in Canada are not threatening horse racing in any way.

Gambling Platforms Are Ensuring Better Exposure for Horse Racing

Did you know that more than 1 billion people watch or bet on horse racing? Doesn’t that seem like an extremely good business opportunity for the gambling operators? They simply had to adapt their offering to the needs of the players. There are a lot of people in Canada who want to place a bet on horse races and play slots or roulette on the same platform. Fortunately, that is possible today.

Today, odds for different horse racing events are available on gambling platforms. That way, the gambling sites in Canada are actually supporting better exposure to this sort of sports betting entertainment. With the more regulated market, the number of registered users on different platforms is growing. Many of them will certainly test their luck on horse racing and start to follow different events more often.

Online Casinos in Canada Support Horse Racing Financially

As we already stated in the previous part of the article, horse races are actually a type of event interesting for all ages. The popularity of this sport did not only convince gambling platforms to make offerings for different horse racing tournaments. It has also convinced them to promote and support different events. Many of them do not hesitate to support all historic financial sports, including this one. In exchange, thanks to their generosity, they can improve their reputation among lovers of this sport. Logically, there is a promotional goal they want to achieve through this move. However, they also want to support the tradition and make people who love horse races happy. Those financial supports will certainly boost the overall horse racing industry, which is another reason why we believe the new gambling regulations will not harm this field at all!

Different Opportunities for Betting on Horse Races

The way people bet on horse racing has changed since there are new betting options on different gambling platforms. For a very long time, traditional pari-mutuel betting was the only option. In those cases, all the wagers made by players are deposited in a single pot. As you probably know, the winnings depend directly on the total payout. Thanks to the licensed gambling sites in Canada, there are new options that people can use. The so-called “fixed odds” have become extremely popular among horse betting enthusiasts. Some of them that you can bet on are straight win, multiple stakes and others. In other words, you can now bet in the same way as you would do with other sports such as basketball, soccer, rugby and so on. We are pretty sure that such an opportunity only increases interest in horse racing.


We are excited to see that the new gambling reforms have regulated the entire Canadian market. After analyzing the benefits of a regulated market, we can only say that new gambling laws support horse racing in different ways. The same trend will probably continue in the future!

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