Betting on Horse Racing. Where to Start?

November 8, 2022

Horse racing is a unique entertainment that is unlikely to leave you indifferent. Many attend these events to see their favorites first cross the finish line. But the role of the spectator is far from the only one you can choose. What if you want to capitalize on your knowledge and are willing to take risks? In this case, you should be aware of the possibilities of betting on horse racing. But where should a beginner start, and how is this process organized? Here are all the basic details you need to know.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

Surely you have already visited any betting website and got confused due to the abundance of bets and options. Don’t panic; you only have two categories: straight and exotic wagers. When it comes to straight wagers, you need to pick one horse to come in first, second, or third. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will get confused in such a sequence. In addition, most websites provide a low entry threshold ($1-$2) similar to online slots real money Canada. But what about exotic wagers because they involve more nuances?

Such bets will interest people who want to focus on a particular event or single aspect. Naturally, you will have to spend more money on such bets. In addition, beginners need to monitor the fulfillment of certain conditions, which requires experience and care. But the reward for your pedantry and patience will be much greater payoffs, so you should be aware of all the options in advance.

Straight Wagers


This wager is the easiest for beginners. Choose the horse that crosses the finish line first and wait for the results. If your sports prediction is correct, you will win money. The same principle can be traced in a web casino when you decide to play book of dead online. The only difference is the unpredictability of the horse race.


This type of bet is ideal for those who are not ready to name the absolute favorite of the race. In other words, you are betting on a certain horse that is supposed to finish first or second. This type of betting is associated with lower payouts, but you can reduce the risks.


Here is another betting option. Let’s say you have a favorite horse. In this case, you can choose “show wager,” assuming your horse finishes first, second, or fourth. Unfortunately, increasing your chances of winning means that the number of your winnings will be lower, which is not beneficial for some users.

Across the Board

It is a “combo bet” because it’s three different options (win, place, and show) in one. Such bets are not very popular because they’re expensive and have less profit potential. At the same time, beginners can try to reduce the risks and test such a betting option. At the same time, such a wager will allow you to worry less and switch to other entertainment like big bass bonanza online. In any case, you have many options and freedom of action.

Win/Place, Place/Show

Here is another combo option for those who want to reduce their risks. If you choose a win/place bet, you’re betting your rider to win and place. You will receive a reward for two bets if the horse finishes first. But if the horse finishes second, you will only get paid for the place bet. In a place/show bet set, you’re betting that your rider will place and show. In this case, the rate situation is similar to the previous option. The second place gives you two bet rewards. Third place only rewards you for the “show” bet.

Exotic Wagers


If you select this wager, you will bet on two horses to come in first and second in exact order. So, for example, you decide that horses 2 and 6 will finish second and third. As you can see, you will only receive money if your sports prediction is 100% correct. Also, you can “box” your exacta bet, which means that your two riders can finish in first or second place in any order. But such a betting option is twice as expensive, and you should know about it in advance.


A quinella bet allows you to bet on two horses that finish in first and second place in any order. In addition, the quinella offers less financial risk since you will have to pay almost half as much for such a betting option.


This option allows you to bet that three horses will finish in first, second, and third in exact order. You can also “box” your “trifecta” bet so you don’t have to worry about the finishing sequence of your horses.


And here is the most ambitious type of betting, involving the choice of four horses, which are supposed to take the first four places in exact order. But, as with “exactas” and trifectas, you can “box” a “superfecta,” so you don’t have to worry about following the exact finishing sequence.

Final Words

As you can see, betting on horse racing is not as tricky as it seems at first glance. You need to know the basic types of wagers and certain nuances to win better. Experiment with bets and find the sequence that suits you best. Such a strategy will surely allow you to win!

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