A Comprehensive Guide To Virtual Horse Racing Betting

November 22, 2022

Horse racing is a sport that dates back centuries and has not changed much in its process. However, with technological advancement, a new form of horse racing has emerged – Virtual Horse Racing. According to recent figures, virtual horse racing wagers make up about 25% of all bets on horse races. Although virtual football is the most well-known, punters know that virtual horse racing was where it all started.

What is Virtual Horse Racing?

For many, understanding what virtual horse racing is might be something that they can grasp immediately, while there are others that may not have too much of an idea.

In reality, it is essentially placing bets on races that take place digitally, with tracks and horses having been generated by a computer, thus making the events that take place rather unpredictable and enjoyable.

Punters can continue to approach virtual horse racing in the same way as they would normal horse racing, as they are ultimately betting on the same things, just this time, in a computer game-style format, with each type of race being accounted for.

Virtual Horse Racing Tips and Betting

Virtual horse racing betting is identical to traditional racing betting but with a more limited number of betting markets.

While actual races include a wide range of betting markets, virtual races can appear to be limited in the betting markets that are typically being offered. Indeed, these can be as simple as the winner, and nothing more.

As mentioned, these races can be a little more unpredictable as form does not count for anything, however with more races than actual ones taking place, as well as the ability to enjoy them whenever you want, it is hardly a surprise to see that these have become an extremely popular betting market.

Indeed, with the odds remaining as competitive with sportsbooks for this type of sports bet as they are to actual horse racing, it is hardly a shock to learn that so many continue to wager on the events that take place frequently.

Nonetheless, while so many continue to enjoy it, there are a number of strategies and tips that can potentially be used in order to enhance the enjoyment that can be had, and potentially ensure you find the right value in the odds that have been provided.


Dutching is a well-known virtual horse racing strategic betting approach. You must look for a gap in the odds and place bets on many horses to ensure that you make at least a little profit no matter what.

Bet Against Your Favorite

If you do the calculations, you’ll discover that the odds are higher if you bet against your favourite horse rather than for it. It’s effectively 1/3 if you bet on your favoured one and 2/3 against it.

Study Horse History

The horse’s track behaviour may have a pattern that affects its performance. Study its past and determine if now is the moment to gamble on it. Homework is required.

Bet On Several Races

Spreading your virtual horse racing betting budget across numerous races and horses increases your chances of winning instead of wagering a large quantity on a single animal.

Budget your Money

Gambling can be pretty addicting. Never enter virtual horse racing without a budget and the certainty that you will never overspend.

Essential Things to Consider Before Betting on Virtual Horse Racing

Before you start putting bets, there are a few things you should think about.

  • All outcomes are generated using an unbiased number generator, meaning that a race’s outcome cannot be influenced or manipulated.
  • It is often hard to research the previous form of competing horses because they do not exist.
  • Due to licensing agreements, bookmakers cannot use the names of actual racetracks.

Why Bet on Virtual Horses?

Since its beginning, virtual horse racing has become one of the most successful virtual betting marketplaces.

This is primarily because it is not subject to physical processes like waiting for authorities to examine the race before your wager can be settled or even cancellations due to poor weather. Unlike real-world horse racing events Betting sites have made virtual races available on demand every day.

Virtual horse racing is simplified, so no prior knowledge of live horse racing is required. You can save time calculating how to win at virtual horse racing, any sophisticated bet options, or how many races your horse has previously won.

Log in, select your favourite race, choose a win, forecast, or tricast bet, and wait a few minutes for the result!


Virtual horse races are similar to actual horse races in specific ways. Although the game appears to be the same, the processes for selecting winners are entirely different. Racecourses experience essential modifications, and the quality reflects this. It is worth remembering that these are not actual horse races.

Photo, Ernie Belmonte, Past The Wire

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