Race Meet Preparation: The Fundamentals Everyone Should Know

February 21, 2022

Traveling to a race meet can take a lot of preparation, especially if you’re coming from far away. However, there are a range of simple measures you can take to streamline the process and ensure you can make the most of your experience. From investigating your accommodation options, to taking advantage of sportsbook offers like the BetMGM promo code for wagers, there are a range of basic steps you can take to ensure you’re getting the best deals throughout the process.


Travel to and from a race meet can be tricky, especially without good planning. It’s advisable to figure out how you will get to the location of the event in advance of embarking on your journey. Furthermore, it’s good practice to come up with at least one back-up itinerary should unexpected delays occur. Be sure to investigate the cancellation policy of the ticket and transport companies you will be using should you need to change your plans unexpectedly. If you’re flying, there is a well established rule of thumb in order to ensure you’re statistically likely to get low cost seating. Travel agent CheapAir.com conducted an extensive survey of over 900 million individual flights and calculated that 70 days before departure coincides with the lowest average flight prices. Be sure to use this to your advantage where possible by waiting for this magic time window before booking your flights.


In the past, if one wanted to secure accommodation in good reach of a race meet, or in the nearest town or city center one had to make do with a range of hotels likely to be overbooked with inflated prices. This is no longer the case thanks to the development of accommodation platforms like AirBnB. The number, and variety, of potential apartments, houses, cabins and lodges available everywhere in the world on platforms such as these has made selecting appropriate accommodation within your budget a breeze. It’s also worth exploring local BnBs and smaller hotels in any given area, as they will likely be offering competitive prices with the aim to lure customers away from larger chains.


On race day, it’s good to ensure you have everything you need with you to make the most out of your outing. For accessing odds and picks, it’s good to ensure your smart devices have ample battery for a long day. One great way to circumvent any issues in this regard is to purchase a power bank, which is a spare battery that you can carry with you and use to recharge your smartphone should it run dry.

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