Bella Sofia and Gamine, David already beat Goliath: who wins the Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint

October 18, 2021

One on One with Nick Sallusto

Yes a David and Goliath showdown looms in the Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint. Bella Sofia, a fast and game filly, will attempt to beat the beast that is Gamine. Both horses possess a world of speed complimented by a high cruising gear and of course Grade 1 class. Gamine was expected to be all she is from the day she first went to the post. Bella Sofia comes from more humble beginnings as you’ll learn in our one on one conversation with Bloodstock Agent Nick Sallusto.

Now we all know David did in fact beat Goliath in the Biblical story. Bella Sofia surely plays the role of David against Gamine who is obviously Goliath. We may not know how this Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint will turn out. We don’t know if Bella Sofia will be fast and good enough to add another chapter to her rags to riches story. What we do know is Nick Sallusto has already won this race just by getting Bella Sofia here. That’s just part, a small part actually of this incredible story of a passion for horses, racing, handicapping and breeding that has lead to a remarkable career that is far from over. His repeated purchases and brokering of deals on horses who become stars in the game demonstrate what passion, dedication, and of course some luck can do.

Stalls at Thorostock

You won’t want to miss this one on one with Nick Sallusto.

What does it take to become a successful Bloodstock Agent?

How was the Big Brown deal put together by Nick for Paul Pompa, Michael Iavarone and IEAH Stables?

Could Big Brown have been a Triple Crown winner? What really went wrong that fateful Belmont Stakes Day?

Finally someone can intelligently answer my question about why Zenyatta would be a bad match for Blame….

What is really important to look for at the sales and does it differ with yearlings and two year olds?

How do these mega dollar partnership deals get brokered? Why do buyers want the fastest worker at the sale when that is not the one who usually turns out to be the best horse?

Nick shares his thoughts, experience, and expertise along with his passion answering and discussing all these points and more.

Thorostock Training Track

Nick Sallusto has a top shelf resume for a Bloodstock Agent. He is still a young and driven man, and that led him to develop Thorostock in Ocala. You’ll learn about Thorostock on the show but odds are you’ll be hearing about it in the future as well.

Enjoy the show and we’re sure you’ll agree our game needs more people like Nick Sallusto.

Photos courtesy of Thorostock

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