A New Game in Town, StableDuel tells Gate to Wire How to Get Involved

December 29, 2020

On this episode of Past the Wire’s Gate to Wire podcast brought to you by Spendthrift Farm, we’d like to introduce you to a relatively new concept in racing.

StableDuel launched a few months ago offering current horseplayers a new game and skill based way to play the horses. Sort of a fantasy sports type theme but centered on purchasing horses for your own stable for that racing day. It also offers those not yet familiar with the Sport of Kings the chance to learn about it and get involved. The company has the hope this will grow the sport and bring a younger population into the game which we all know it desperately needs.

Hosts Jonathan Stettin and Michael Vale sat down with Bri Mott of StableDuel to discuss how it was formed, where it has been and where it is going. We at Past the Wire believe our sport needs new and innovative ideas and ways of participating in horse racing. We wish StableDuel the best and encourage you to try it out. We are and who knows, you may get a chance to play against us in a contest.

Bri was a pleasure and brings her fair share of knowledge and passion for the sport we love to the table. We think you’ll enjoy our conversation.

To learn more about StableDuel check out their site:


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Great article and you are absolutely right. However your piece is sensible and logical- something that doesn't register with the opposition (who rely on emotion and "siege tactics")

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