A Complete Guide to All Horse Racing Bets You Can Bank On

October 21, 2019

Sports betting is the main reason why a lot of sports fans indulge in different kinds of sporting games in the world. Sports betting by nature is gambling, which involves wagering a certain amount of money. If you bet on the winning side, then you earn the prize. On the other hand, you may lose if you bet for a team that loses the game.

There are many sports you can wage. Although you only need to pick an entry, you feel you will win; you still need to develop a betting strategy that can help you win and earn. In general, there is no specific formula for winning consistently in betting, but you can always find a better opportunity and timing to win.

Ball games such as football, soccer, and tennis are easier to bet. It is because these games only  involve two competing teams where results can come either as a win, lose, or draw. On the other hand, there is one sporting event that truly marks the impression of every bettor. It is because the betting games come wider, and it gives a lot of options to wage.

Horse racing is a game that covers more than five entries in one game. It existed many centuries ago, and the betting game it provides ultimately test the real betting skills of every bettor. It also allows every gambler to spread in waging many betting categories to earn more.

There are many horse racing tournaments in the world which you can choose to partake in betting. There is a U.S Triple Crown Series in America, it’s one of the most popular and grandest horse racing events. It comprises three significant wagering legs, such as Kentucky Derby Betting, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

As you go along and bet for many horse racing events to come, the first thing you must learn is the horse racing bets you can wage. You need to have the right knowledge and familiarize each bet for a sure win.

That being said, here are the different types of horse racing bets you need to know about.

Straight Bets

These are the most straightforward bets you can make. It comes in three categories, and you only need to pick the entry that you think can win. Here are some of them.

Win. The most straightforward bet where you only need to pick a horse racer who will win and finish in the first place.

Place . You only need to select a horse racer to come either first or second place.

Show. Choose a horse racer you think will win either as first, second, or third place.

Exotic Bets

It covers broader horse race betting game. It is where you can truly test your betting skills. There are many types of exotic bets you can discover, and each of them offers a huge prize at stake once you win the betting game.

Horizontal Exotic Bets

These are divided into four categories, which need the right pick racers, which can surely win. Here are some of them.

Daily Double. You can win in this category by winning two races consecutively with the same entry.

Pick 3. It’s considered a parlay that consists of three races and must win consistently.

Pick 4 . You must pick a horse racer that can consistently win in 4 races.

Pick 5. You need to choose a horse racer that can win five consistent races.

Pick 6. You must select an entry that can win six consistent races.

Vertical Exotic Bets

Vertical Exotics Bets are the hardest types of betting games you can play in horse racing. You must fully understand the capabilities of each horse racer before you wage them. You need to ensure that you meet the right opportunity betting for them, especially in the type of racing event they join. On the other hand, these types of bets, when done correctly, offer the biggest prizes. Here are some Vertical Exotic Bets you can gamble.

Exacta. It is where you must pick two horses that can place either first and second in the exact order.

Trifecta. You should pick three horses that can place either first, second, and third in the right order.

Superfecta. It is the most difficult bet to make wherein you need to select four horses that can win either first, second, third, and fourth in the exact order.

Generally, the betting categories mentioned above are all the wagering games you can partake in every horse racing game. Each of them provides a prize depending on the difficulty level. Therefore, if you would like to earn and win big, you must take the betting games seriously and develop a skill that can edge other bettors.

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