147th Kentucky Derby Post Positions and what connections had to say

April 27, 2021

KNOWN AGENDA (Post 1, 6-1) – Trainer Todd Pletcher: “Obviously it’s not what we were hoping for. But, of course, this is one of the things you can’t control. With the new (20-stall) gate, we’re hopeful that things will be better than they were in the past and the post won’t be that bad. He had an inside trip in the Florida Derby and he handled it very professionally.”

LIKE THE KING (Post 2, 50-1) – Trainer Wesley Ward: “He’s a come-from-behind horse so it really doesn’t matter where he draws. If he had gotten the one post that might have been a problem if they started playing bumper cars out there.”

BROOKLYN STRONG (Post 3, 50-1) – Trainer Danny Velazquez: “It’s deep inside but it’s OK. (Owner) Mark (Schwartz) says three is his lucky number and he’s won from there before. Hopefully, he gets a good break and can settle into third or fourth early.”

KEEPMEINMIND (Post 4, 50-1) – Trainer Robertino Diodoro: “I’m very happy with it.”

SAINTHOOD (Post 5, 50-1) – Trainer Todd Pletcher: “We’re happy with the draw.”

O BESOS (Post 6, 20-1) – Trainer Greg Foley: “I don’t think my heart was racing that hard in a long time with one of five horses left and the rail still yet to be drawn. We drew a great spot in the gate.

MANDALOUN (Post 7, 15-1) – Trainer Brad Cox: “It ended up working out very well drawing post seven. He’s a horse that, like Essential Quality, has a tactical advantage and can put himself where he needs to be.”

MEDINA SPIRIT (Post 8, 15-1) – Racing Manager Gary Young: “It worked out great for us.”

HOT ROD CHARLIE (Post 9, 8-1) – Trainer Doug O’Neill: “We (the trainer and his sizable contingent of owners, including five former college football players who are in their 20s) decided we were going to give it a pump no matter what post we drew. But we’re delighted with the nine. It’s a real good post. And the way they load this field, it means we won’t be standing in the gate very long. They’ll put us in, then one other and we’re gone. We’re really happy with it.”

MIDNIGHT BOURBON (Post 10, 20-1) – Trainer Steve Asmussen: “We did well. It’s the perfect spot.”

DYNAMIC ONE (Post 11, 20-1) – Trainer Todd Pletcher: “We’re happy with the draw.”

HELIUM (Post 12, 50-1) – Assistant trainer David Carroll: “We’re happy that we didn’t get the rail. The draw should suit him perfectly. We didn’t want him getting stuck down inside in general but we really didn’t want the one.”

HIDDEN STASH (Post 13, 50-1) – Trainer Vicki Oliver: “We’re happy with it. We wanted to be somewhere in the middle and that’s exactly where we got.”

ESSENTIAL QUALITY (Post 14, 2-1) – Trainer Brad Cox: “It got a little nerve wracking with both horses still to go and the rail still being out there. I think it’ll be a good spot. He’s got good tactical speed that he’ll be able to get into a good position from there.”

ROCK YOUR WORLD (Post 15, 5-1) – Trainer John Sadler: “It’s a good post and we’re happy with it.”

KING FURY (Post 16, 20-1) – Trainer Kenny McPeek: “I like it. Actually, the 14 and the 15 are horses inside of us that have a little speed. So, we’ll probably follow them right into the first turn. They’re going to go on and we’ll follow them right out. If he breaks well, you just have to get him in rhythm and let him do his thing.”

HIGHLY MOTIVATED (Post 17, 10-1) – Trainer Chad Brown: “I’m OK with it. Certainly when it was late in the process and the one was still out there I would’ve paused and put 17 back on my wish list. Like the Oaks, it’s a little farther outside than we would have liked but there’s a long run into the turn and this horse clearly has a lot of natural speed. Hopefully we’ll be forward enough to come over and get some position into the first turn.”

SUPER STOCK (Post 18, 30-1) – Trainer Steve Asmussen: “We did well. It’s the perfect spot.”

SOUP AND SANDWICH (Post 19, 30-1) – Assistant trainer David Carroll: “He has speed and has the entire stretch to get into position. I’d rather be outside than inside.”

BOURBONIC (Post 20, 30-1) – Trainer Todd Pletcher: “We wouldn’t have chosen this post but he will be OK. He’s going to drop back and make one run so it’ll work out.”

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