Working In The Dark

April 23, 2018

There is just something about workouts in the dark that intrigue me. I get that whole fresh track and morning person thing, but I will also never forget a true racetrack tip in Damon Runyon fashion I once received.

To keep things short and protect the guilty:

Many years ago a good friend galloped horses for a top barn. He told me about a filly who he said won’t lose first out. Naturally I asked if he got on her. Never he said. Never I replied, then how do you know she’ll win? He said she works early I the morning in the dark before anyone gets to the barn except the boss and the guy who gets on her. We never do that and when I asked the guy who gets on her about her he didn’t say anything. She won’t lose. A few weeks later the name was in the program, 15-1 morning line in a maiden special weight at Belmont. Antonio Graell who was only an occasional rider for the barn was up. Easy winner at 8-1. $$$$$$$$ #MEMORIES some last forever.

Read about possible Oaks favorite Midnight Bisou working in the dark here…..

@PastTheWire wow. I am thankful you took the time to provide such detail about an all time great horse and the tragedy of that final race.

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