The What?????

June 22, 2017

There is no question Richard Migliore brought a lot of game to the NYRA broadcast. Admittedly I do have an issue with “analysts” using phrases like I’m going with so and so because ………and don’t actually wager but that is a pet peeve for another day. What’s for today is anyone who was around when “The Mig” was brought around the track and went to work and was started by Steve DiMauro knows his nickname “The Mig” stemmed from his last name Migliore. Where Bloodhorse who I am a fan and supporter of came up with the Russian Fighter story is an example of hiring young inexperienced people who don’t really know the game. It’s simply not what happened. Nonetheless The Mig will be missed.

Read more about The Mig leaving here……

@PastTheWire I got out with Dupree @OaklawnRacing on backend of DD that paid 7-1. Nice pick!

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