The 2YO EdgeMan

March 24, 2023

The 2YO EdgeMan started following horse racing when his family moved to Louisville, KY when he was 9 years old.  The story goes that he first cried when his parents took the family on an outing to Churchill Downs on Oaks’ Day back in 1972.  That story may or may not be true, but he was soon hooked on the ponies and spent as much of his time as possible at the corner of 4th and Central – maybe even ‘occasionally’ cutting a class or two at school to head out to the downs to ‘watch’ a race that especially struck his fancy.  It has also been rumored that his dad once came to his elementary school and pulled him out of class under the guise of ‘having to go to the dentist’ – only to take him directly to the track. 

Always looking for an edge, he quickly gravitated to the 2YO races.  It was clear to him, from a young age, that most horse players steer clear of the ‘baby races’ because there are often no past performance lines, or at the most, very few.  He began spending the majority of his time handicapping these races because they presented a unique challenge and required a specific skill set and focus.  Hence, the passion of 2YO Maiden Special Weight racing was born!

Fast forward to 2022 – he started a website exclusively dedicated to 2YO MSW races.  In order to extend his reach and spread the wonderful world of 2YO MSW racing, he is now proud to partner with Jon Stettin and the good folks at Past The Wire

You can find 2YO EdgeMan on Twitter: @2YOedge

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