Philip Thommen

July 20, 2022

Philip E Thommen has been shoeing horses for over 45 years. He served a 3 year apprenticeship in the International Union of Journeymen Horseshoers in the late 1970’s 

Beginning in the 1980’s, Phillip shod horses at Florida, Maryland, Delaware racetracks. He worked under contract for the Maryland Jockey Club and serviced the Preakness Stakes for over 16 years. 

Prior to his days on the racetrack he trained to shoe many disciplines such as show hunter/jumpers, dressage, eventing and fox hunting. Philip continued to further his knowledge of his trade during his time at the racetrack.

Building a niche market of managing complicated lameness cases for sport & racing horses, Philip successfully managed Laminitis Cases since the early 2000s 

Philip has slowed down in his shoeing to manage a group of Broodmares, Yearlings & Racing Stock. He also currently operates TDF at Glade Valley Farm, a Division of TDF Farrier Science, LLC

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