Kerry Thomas

September 19, 2019

THT Bloodstock

Kerry Thomas is a pioneer of equine athletic psychological research and Herd Dynamics. He created emotional conformation profiling, which measure’s the mental and emotional capacities of the equine. Emotional Conformation Profiling is the study of Emotional Intelligence & Ability in three key areas; Trainability, Behavioral Genetic Traits, Aptitude, with Communication being the primer. Thomas’ theories on herd dynamics and equine communication have applications on all equine disciplines, in addition to human team communication and performance. His first book Horse Profiling: The Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes was released on the international market on April 25th, 2012 and continues to grow in international favor and popularity. Thomas made the breakthrough discovery that it was mental/emotional conformation of the horse, and not the physical body, that governed the dynamics of the herds. With an understanding that this was the foundation of the equine world, no matter the breed of horse or career choices we as people make for them, an entire new world became visible. Considered by many the “Money Ball” approach for horse racing, Kerry moves forward with the belief that “the economics of behavior, simply makes sense.”

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